In his master’s steps he trod

In his master’s steps he trod A Christmas message from the chair of PCN Britain, Adrian Alker

The Christmas season, whilst providing wonderful opportunities for families to gather, for friends to meet, for children to bring delight to grandparents (like me!) and many other blessings, is of course a sad and challenging time for so many in our world and in our neighbourhoods.

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One-liners for your street notice board

One-liners for your street notice board The old fashioned wayside pulpit can be an effective way to communicate a progressive Christian message

A couple of years back this message appeared on the door of a progressive Baptist church in Madison Avenue​.

God want spiritual fruits, not religious nuts

It generated a huge amount of interest for the church and illustrates the fact that the roadside one-liner does get read by those who pass by.

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Cheaper delivery on Australian books

Cheaper delivery on Australian books Australian religious publisher, Morning Star Publishing, has concluded an agreement for its titles to be printed in the UK

Several Australian religious authors publish under the Morning Star banner.  These include progressives, Greg Jenks and Rex Hunt.  (Rex led two events in the UK tour last year).  Their books may be purchased via the usual Morning Star Publishing website but at a lower postage rate since the books will be now produced in the UK.

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