PCN Trustees send letter of support to Canadian minister on heresy trial

PCN Trustees send letter of support to Canadian minister on heresy trial PCN is concerned about the wish to put doctrinal boundaries around what constitutes good leadership in the church.  PCN holds that the way we behave towards others is the fullest expression of our faith.  We applaud the Christian work that Gretta Vosper is doing in her church and we are not offended that she rejects traditional concepts of God.

Dear Gretta

The trustees and many members of PCN Britain received the news that the Toronto Conference of the United Church has ordered that you be reviewed due to concerns over the effectiveness of your ministry with real sadness and dismay.

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PCN launches the Marcus Borg Memorial Fund

PCN launches the Marcus Borg Memorial Fund In the latest edition of Progressive Voices, the chair of PCN Britain, Adrian Alker, appeals for donations towards a series of annual lectures in honour of a remarkable teacher and friend of PCN who died this year.

In tribute to the life and work of Marcus Borg, the trustees of PCN Britain have decided to set up a new memorial fund which will be used to underpin financially a series of annual lectures in Marcus’s honour and we invite all our members and friends to make a donation to the Marcus Borg Memorial Fund.

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Creed? Have your say on whether PCN’s Eight Points are a help or a hindrance to open Christianity.  One of our trustees fears they read too much like a creed.

Adrian Alker, PCN Britain’s chair of the trustees, introduces this open letter from Pat Fuller, one of our a newly elected trustees. It first appeared in the September 2015 edition of Progressive Voices

Adrian writes:  From the beginning PCN Britain adopted the Eight Points of The Centre for Progressive Christianity (TCPC) in the USA. PCN Britain made a slight change to the Eight Points at its inception and after consulting our membership a more major change in September 2014. Whilst the trustees never intended that these Eight Points should be seen as anything more than a signpost, showing our direction of travel as an organisation, clearly some members feel anxious that such points might be felt to be coercive of thought and practice.

The trustees feel minded at present to hold on to the importance of having the Eight Points as an expression of the Christian life but welcome Pat’s letter as we continuously review our work.  Your comments on Pat’s letter would be welcome.   Adrian Alker, chair.

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After the Fountain - Poetry and Faith

After the Fountain - Poetry and Faith In this report on PCN Britain’s 2015 spring conference in London, Tony Rutherford reflects on the message and the wit imparted by our speaker, Rev’d Canon Mark Oakley.

When Mark Oakley agreed to speak at the PCN’s Spring Conference, no one expected such an overwhelmingly positive reaction to his “inspiring and engaging” presentation. Members emphasised Mark’s humanity, honesty and reality of his approach. The wide range of Mark’s knowledge of poems and his deep understanding of how poems describe the lives we live, underpinned the impact of his presence with us. Mark was a quality speaker and provided those who came with an event to rank alongside any offered by PCN.

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Beyond Belief - Theology in a Brighton pub

Beyond Belief - Theology in a Brighton pub A new progressive group, affiliated to PCN Britain, is being launched in Brighton

The new group is to be called “Beyond Belief”.  It will meet for the first time on Monday, September 21st at 7 pm for a 7.30 pm start at The Paris House (Le Pub), 21 Western Road, Brighton BN3 1AF.

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