Getting Your Answers Questioned

Getting Your Answers Questioned This was the title of a seminar in Newbury which Howard Grace, a PCN member, helped to organise.  The focus was on social conditioning and how our cultural background affects our perception of people.

Over sixty people from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures came together in Newbury on March 8th to compare our responses to events like the Charlie Hebdo cartoons and subsequent killings. We wanted to explore to what extent each of our responses to such issues are conditioned by our cultural, religious or national backgrounds.

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Progressive Christians to set up a new group in Malvern

Progressive Christians to set up a new group in Malvern If you live in south Worcestershire or Herefordshire, we’d like to invite you to be part of new meeting of progressive Christians which will meet in Malvern.

We welcome to our new group anyone who is seeking a Christianity relevant to contemporary understanding. If you are finding the traditional doctrines of the church difficult or impossible to believe you will find in our group a safe place to share your ideas and doubts without fear of condemnation.

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