Farewell Marcus

Farewell Marcus PCN Britain has learned with great sadness of the death of the American theologian and pastor, Marcus Borg.

Throughout the world, for more than two decades, ​Marcus Borg’s was the most respected voice expressing the need for a new paradigm in Christianity. From our foundation in 2003, he was also a great friend and supporter of PCN.  He was a frequent speaker at our conferences and his books were avidly read by our members.  

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Val Webb tour to be hosted by PCN groups

Val Webb tour to be hosted by PCN groups Australian author and theologian, Dr Val Webb, makes a welcome return visit to the UK this April, with speaking engagements from Stirling to Truro.

Val’s books include Like Catching Water in a Net; Stepping Out with the Sacred; and In Defence of Doubt.  She first visited the UK in 2013.  

This year’s tour consists of ten venues across Britain, made possible through the collaboration of nine PCN groups and two progressive churches.  All the hosts extend a warm welcome to anyone who would like to come and hear her speak. Refreshments will be provided. Follow the links for details of each event.

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