Being Honest to God - the conference talks in print

Being Honest to God - the conference talks in print July 1st 2014 saw the publication of five talks given to the joint PCN Britain and Modern Church conference marking the 50th anniversary of John Robinson’s book, Honest to God.  The conference took place in November 2013 at The Hayes, Swanwick.

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As a serving bishop in the Church of England, John Robinson dared to ask the big questions which ordinary churchgoers may have asked themselves but which had rarely been voiced beyond the academy. Robinson asked his readers to think about their image of God and the significance of Jesus. Since 1963, this quest for the ‘real’ Jesus has continued with increasing vigour. But then what are the implications of this rethinking for the conventions of prayer and worship? And if God is to be revealed primarily in the love and compassion of Jesus as much as in the revealing of God’s self in the prescriptions of the Law, what does this say to our grasp of morality, of ethics?

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Seeing Jesus Again with New Eyes

Seeing Jesus Again with New Eyes Can Christians learn from the way others see them?  At a recent PCN conference, Mark Townsend, author of Jesus Through Pagan Eyes, suggested that his progressive Christian audience could learn from the insights of the New Druidism.

A link to download the written material that Mark provided to delegates is to be found at the bottom of this article.   You can hear a clip of Mark’s talk and reports from the discussion groups in the Resources Audio section.  There are photos of the conference for viewing too. This article first appeared in the June 2014 edition of Progressive Voices.  To order a copy of Progressive Voices please contact the PCN office   

Nearly 70 people gathered at the Priory Rooms in Birmingham on Saturday 17th May to hear Mark Townsend, a former Anglican priest and founder of Hedge Church, talk on the theme, Seeing Jesus Again with New Eyes.  

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