Birthday wishes on the Greenbelt tree

Birthday wishes on the Greenbelt tree At Greenbelt this year, PCN and our partners erected a large plywood cut-out tree, on which Festival goers were invited to hang a wish or prayer for the world, for the church or for Christianity.  PCN volunteer Nicola Phelan has been collating the results.

There were 271 messages from all ages and I’ve arranged them into themes reflecting their different concerns and hopes.  Each section is illustrated with a few typical quotes.  Incidentally, we loved the pictures from our younger contributors.

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Christian Shorts

Christian Shorts PCN member, Tony Raine, is offering some dramatic stories to illustrate gospel themes for use in churches and youth groups.

Tony Raine writes: This book evolved gradually. Many of the stories were originally sketches and may be found in a collection of 135 sketches published by Lulu under the title ‘What do you Think?’ Realising that many people are less happy about reading stories in play format, I started to convert my favourites into ordinary short stories. It began with a smaller collection of 24 stories, then was expanded, eventually to 50, and questions were added.


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