Progressive liturgy weekend: first outing for new PCN chair

Progressive liturgy weekend: first outing for new PCN chair Angela Smith, who has recently taken over as the chair of PCN Britain, was one of four leaders at this year’s PCN weekend retreat near Cheltenham

This year’s retreat took place for the first time at Glenfall House near Cheltenham.  The aim was to consider how liturgy should develop in order to reflect progressive thinking about God and Christianity.  All the session leaders were PCN committee members or ex-members.  

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Lost Certainties

Lost Certainties PCN Britain is pleased to be able to offer this recent publication at a reduced price.

In this new publication, through the medium of essays and letters to friends, Brian Wilson seeks to give an account of the evolution of his own faith and explores the dilemma, which he shares with many modern Christians, of how to reconcile a rational and educated modern mind with the largely mythological faith still propagated by the traditional Church. He makes no claim to having the answers. But he firmly believes that if those who are sympathetic to the Christian faith can bring themselves to recognise those elements of faith which modern scientific knowledge and biblical scholarship have rendered untenable to the modern mind, it will help them to rediscover the true value of the teaching of the historical Jesus of Nazareth, who was transformed by centuries of theological argument into the Christ of Faith. Religion, he argues, is not just an intellectual construct; but without a solid rational basis, it is as a house built upon sand.

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Making the case for pluralism

Making the case for pluralism PCN Britain is pleased to publicise this unusual book which represents the dialogical fruit of a group of Jews, Christians and Muslims who have been meeting together for more than a decade.

The contributors have made the long journey from guarded spokespersons to vulnerable human beings who can share both their enthusiasms and fears with those they now recognise as siblings.

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Visiting speaker from Australia arrives this week

Visiting speaker from Australia arrives this week PCN Britain is pleased to welcome Dr Val Webb, a leading writer and speaker on progressive Christianity on her début tour of the UK.

​Val Webb has written ten books and taught at theological colleges in the US and Australia.  She has recently revised and extended her first book, In Defence of Doubt and it is to elaborate on this theme that she has been invited to the UK.  

Further interest:  Val Webb’s blog on this website.  Links to details of all ten tour events are at the bottom of the blog