Being Honest to God

Being Honest to God A conference celebrating 50 years of “Honest to God”.  Jointly sponsored by Modern Church and the Progressive Christianity Network Britain.  Tickets now available

The book by Bishop John Robinson that caused a furore in 1963 is celebrating its 50th birthday this year. The bishop knew it would be heavily criticised, but thought in time it would seem he had not been radical enough.  Her wrote in the preface of the first edition:

‘What I have tried to say, in a tentative and exploratory way, may seem to be radical, and doubtless to many heretical.  The one thing of which I am fairly sure is that, in retrospect, it will be seen to have erred in not being nearly radical enough’.

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Transcendent Vocation: Why gay clergy tolerate hypocrisy

Transcendent Vocation: Why gay clergy tolerate hypocrisy Sarah Maxwell’s book is a tribute to the sticking power of gay clergy in the Church of England, as they face continued hypocrisy and negativity from their employers.

This book is based on interviews with gay clergy within the Church of England, who speak of their beliefs and their experiences at the hands of the church authorities. Further data comes from interviews with non-gay clergy, now retired, who have witnessed the years from 1967 – 2007 in which the secular world has given gay people so many more equal rights.  The author concludes that the Church of England has shown ever growing subterfuge in its attempt to maintain the unequal treatment of gay priests.  At the same time she discovers a remarkable devotion from gay clergy who put up with all manner of discrimination in order to fulfil their vocation.

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