PCN Chair’s update

A look at some of the activities currently being undertaken by PCN Britain, outlined by the chair, John Churcher.

Chair’s Update

The Management Committee’s annual 24 hour residential was held on 9th-10th November.  Here is a snapshot of the new initiatives being undertaken. 

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Church of England Rejects Women Bishops

In this statement issued after the vote in the Church of England Synod, PCN Britain expresses its regret that women priests are not to be given the opportunity to become bishops.

​The Progressive Christianity Network Britain deeply regrets that the Synod of the Church of England was unable to agree to a way in which it could accept women as bishops, against the advice of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Archbishop-designate.  Other provinces of the Anglican church have found a way to do so and been enriched by the ministry of both male and female bishops. Other churches in Britain have for some years had women in leadership roles, and benefited greatly from doing so.

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Vote on Women Bishops in the Synod of the church of England

This press release was sent to the denominational weekly press on 10th November 2012

​The Progressive Christianity Network Britain offers its prayerful support to members of the Church of England General Synod as they prepare to vote on whether or not to ordain women as bishops.   Our hope is that the Synod will be led to do so. 

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Press statement on new Archbishop

Press statement on new Archbishop PCN Britain has released this short press statement on the appointment of Justin Welby as the new Archbishop of Canterbury


If Justin Welby really means to banish homophobia from the Church of England, his appointment is warmly welcomed by us.  That his first public utterance as archbishop-designate included a promise to listen to the LGBT community on the subject of gay marriage gives hope that his intentions are serious.

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New Archbishop promises inclusivity

New Archbishop promises inclusivity The trustees of PCN Britain have welcomed the announcement by Justin Welby that he will have no truck with homophobia in the Church of England.

This open letter has gone to the editors of the Guardian, Times, Telegraph, Independent, Church Times, Methodist Recorder, Ekklesia, & Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

If Justin Welby wishes to banish homophobia from the Church of England, his appointment is warmly welcomed by us, the Trustees of the Progressive Christianity Network Britain.

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