Teesside Group – Journeyings

About Us

“Journeyings” is a monthly ecumenical Book Club. It includes Quakers, Methodists, Catholics, Anglicans and anyone else who wishes to participate.

We are a friendly, articulate, questioning group of people, very accepting of different points of view, and trusting of each other to disagree and remain good friends. We are concerned for each other, and supportive of each other.

At our May meeting we shall begin to consider books for reading from September. Among those suggested are:

Alain de Botton’s - Religion for Atheists
Noel Moules - Fingerprints of Fire: Footprints of Peace
Francis Spufford - Unapologetic

We decide as a group

Venue & Meeting Times

We meet on the second Tuesday of every month, 2.30 - 4.30.p.m. at

The Friends’ Meeting House, 131 Cambridge Road, Middlesbrough. TS5 5HL.

It is at the corner of Cambridge and Eton roads, and on bus routes 11, 12, 13, & 13A. The bus stop is just outside the Meeting House.

Group History

We began in 2005, and have met more or less monthly ever since.

Books - we have discussed have ranged through works by Marcus Borg, Jack Spong, John Dominic Crossan, Karen Armstrong, Tom Wright, Keith Ward, Lloyd Geering, Chris Howson, and Curt Gardner.

We review biography, theology, Christian action, other faith traditions, and life-style topics.

Currently we are reading Dave Tomlinson’s book - “How to be a bad Christian - and a better human being”.

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