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The Bolton Group has recently viewed and discussed videos of lectures and question and answer sessions of Richard Holloway and Greta Vosper. 

At our first meeting in 2016 on January 13th we will be finishing the video “With or Without God” and then in following meetings discussion will be centred on Richard Holloway’s book “Doubts and Loves” (ISBN: 1 84195 291 5.  Published by Canongate at £7.99).

Richard Holloway says that what he has tried to do in the book “is to reclaim three revolutionary elements from what is left of the spirit of Jesus – i.e. to uncover the challenge of Jesus to human systems that are allowed to harden into tyrannous absolutes; to point to the angry pity of Jesus and the endless challenge of social hope; to look at forgiveness – the most distinctive of Jesus’ teachings”.  He says “the issue is….can we discover new ways of using the Christian tradition that will deepen our humanity, our care for the earth and for one another.”

Our meetings are on the second Wednesday each month at until approximately 3 pm. They are held at 1462 Junction Road West, Lostock, Bolton, BL6 4EG.

New members are always welcome. It helps to know if you plan to join us – so please contact Jim Hollyman on 01204-456050 or

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