Balham, South London Group

About Us

We are a friendly group - eager to share ideas and learn from others.

We start each session with tea/coffee and a general chat about any activities or events that we have experienced or heard about that would be of interest to other members. We then review the topic(s) for the evening along with open and honest discussions about each topic in which everyone’s views are respected.
It is a great way to hear other people’s views and put your own in a friendly, non-judgemental environment.

Local PCN members and anyone who is interested in Progressive Christianity are all welcome to join us.  Even if you are not sure that you want to attend regularly, please feel free to come along for a “taster” session.

Venue & Meeting Times

Our next meetings (2017)  are on

    27 June (Tuesday) - At this meeting we will discuss the 2 chapters of Dostoyevsky’s book “The Brothers Karamazov” entitled   4. Rebellion and 5. The Grand Inquisitor.

    26 July (a Wednesday) -  We start on a new book “The Splash of Words - believing in poetry” by Mark Oakley.

Each meeting starts at 7.30pm.  Please contact the convenor - Adrian Lambourne - for details of the venue.

Group History

The Balham group in South London has been meeting since November 2013.

We have discussed several topics, many based on books such as Marcus Borg’s “The Heart of Christianity” and “Speaking Christian”, John Shelby Spong’s “The Fourth Gospel” and have recently covered “The Meaning of Jesus” jointly written by Marcus Borg and Tom Wright.

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