Finding a new way

Monday 12th December, 2016

Finding a new way Members of Brighton's PCN affiliated group, Beyond Belief, have launched a new progressive Christian congregation located in their local community centre. We asked them to tell their story.

On Saturday, November 26, the Brighthelm Progressive Church (BPC) was launched. It was hardly packed out: eight people came along. But one has to start somewhere.

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A parting of the ways?

Thursday 8th December, 2016 | Author: Harry Houldsworth

A parting of the ways? As we move away from more orthodox ideas of a paternal, interventionist God, is it inevitable that progressive Christians will set up their own churches? Harry Houldsworth makes a plea for this not to happen.

How do you define “God” and does it matter?  “Which God?” many progressive Christians may reply.  “Do you mean the supernatural, interventionist God?  Or do you mean God as the Ground of our Being, as advocated by Tillich and his supporters?  Or do you see God simply as Love?  Or is it a female or genderless version you want to define?”

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