A Conference Notebook - Swanwick November 2013

Thursday 19th December, 2013 | Author: Brian Wilson

A Conference Notebook - Swanwick November 2013 Brian Wilson was one of over 150 people to attend this joint conference with Modern Church at the Hayes Centre, Swanwick, marking the 50th anniversary of John Robinson's book, Honest to God. This is his personal catalogue of 31 quotes he took away from the conference.

The conference was called Being Honest to God and each of the five speakers was given a different area to be honest about.

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The meaning of Christmas

Wednesday 18th December, 2013 | Author: Michael Wright

The meaning of Christmas Michael Wright explains how the Christmas stories are still relevant to him, even though he no longer believes it happened like that.

We have long loved the Christmas stories – depicted in our carols and on our Christmas cards. They are lovely - childhood experiences that have entranced us for a life-time.   What do we make of them today – for now we know that these romantic stories are beautiful fictions?  They are not true stories: but many people believe they contain important truths.

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Books for your Christmas list

Wednesday 11th December, 2013 | Author: Brian Wilson

Books for your Christmas list Brian Wilson recommends four books for progressive Christians wanting to find new ways to present the person and teaching of Jesus.

Marcus Borg, Evolution of the Word, 

Reza Azlan, Zealot, 

John Shelby Spong, The Fourth Gospel, 

William R. Hertzog II, Parables as Subversive Speech.

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