Taking Down the Barriers

Thursday 24th January, 2013 | Author: Brian McLaren

Taking Down the Barriers Leading evangelical Steve Chalke's brave support for committed same-sex relationships has been dubbed a bombshell by traditional evangelicals. But according to Brian McLaren progressive Christians could find their own defining barriers challenged in the fall out.

Editor's intro:  Steve Chalke, (pictured), the well known author and pastor of the Oasis church in London, has caused an upset in evangelical circles by declaring his support for monogamous same-sex relationships.  In an article entitled A Matter of Integrity, he argues for a progressive approach to Biblical understanding:

"The process of understanding the character and will of Yahweh as revealed through Jesus - is an ongoing task for every generation.  Here is my question. Shouldn't we take the same principle that we readily apply to the role of women, slavery, and numerous other issues, and apply it our understanding of permanent, faithful, homosexual relationships?"

Brian McLaren, author of A New Kind of Christianity, is another evangelical who supports committed same-sex relationships.  In this blog he gives his reaction to Steve Chalke's stance and explains what it could mean for evangelical identity.  He ends with a challenge to those who call themselves progressive Christians.

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Why I think “God as a Baby” is confusing theology

Tuesday 22nd January, 2013 | Author: Richard Tetlow

Why I think “God as a Baby” is confusing theology A column in the Church Times prompted Richard Tetlow to pen this letter to the editor of that newspaper. Richard takes issue with the notion of a baby as God.

​In his column in the Church Times (21/28 December), Giles Fraser says because “all religion is intrinsically messy … it won’t tell me that my absurd hopes and dreams are absurd”, for the “best parts of the Bible are the weirdest”. He then says “A baby as God: it’s ridiculous”, presumably upholding both the idea and it being ‘ridiculous’.

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The Power of Parable

Tuesday 22nd January, 2013

The Power of Parable Peter Fisher reviews the latest book from Dominic Crossan, (pictured). It is subtitled "How fiction by Jesus became fiction about Jesus"

This is a book that makes a major contribution in the continuing struggle against the literalism that bedevils the Christian Church. It is not an easy book, but Dominic Crossan is reader friendly: he takes the reader carefully through each stage of his argument and provides summaries at the beginning and end of each chapter.

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A New Year resolution

Tuesday 8th January, 2013 | Author: Richard Holdsworth

A New Year resolution Richard Holdsworth finds inspiration in an ancient Zen poem.

My usual New Year resolutions are goofy; put my belt through all the loops, remember where I park my car. But this year, I have come out of a prolonged and painful wilderness experience. I have recovered a neglected lesson from my past to approach and find resolution for the New Year.

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What it means to be a marginal

Thursday 3rd January, 2013 | Author: Andrew Parker

What it means to be a marginal Andrew Parker looks again at the myth of Cain and Abel and comes to a shocking conclusion.

Most people, including scholars, think the story of Cain and Abel is about two brothers one who was a farmer and the other a shepherd but this is not the case. 

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