My feelings of rage

Tuesday 4th December, 2012 | Author: Sonya Brown

My feelings of rage Sonya Brown, a curate from Leicester, is still in an a state of shock, a fortnight after the vote on women bishops in the Church of England

Following a week of turmoil for the Church of England and those who were hoping for justice to come in the shape of full human equality through all tiers of the CofE, we are left not only in shock but a state of corporate rage at the lost vote for women bishops. 

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At 81, I feel renewed again

Saturday 1st December, 2012

A letter from Harry, who joined PCN Britain last year.

​I’ve laboured for most of my long life with questions – often unspoken.  Mostly doubts about the Church’s interpretations of scripture and highly improbable doctrines of faith.  Years back I was scared to question things which seemed set in stone for many Christians - scared of God’s retribution. 

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So what do progressives do about the God thing?

Saturday 1st December, 2012 | Author: Fred Plumer

So what do progressives do about the God thing? Giving meaning to the word God inspires a lot of debate among progressive Christians. The notion of a super-being who occasionally intervenes in the normal course of events has lost credibility. In this article, Fred Plumer, the president of our sister organisation in the US, The Center for Progressive Christianity, gives his perspective on the God word.

​I was giving a lecture last year, with about 200 people in the audience. Part of my talk was devoted to an overview of the scholarship that has knocked the foundation out of a belief in Jesus as the “only begotten Son of God” and the sacrifice for the sins of the world. 

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