Wednesday 21st November, 2012 | Author: Michael Wright

Christmas How can we approach Christmas, once we accept that the birth narratives in the Bible are not based on historical fact.

​The Christmas gospel readings report wonderful, fantastic events. A virgin, visited by an angel, is told she will be impregnated by the Holy Spirit, and give birth to a son.  Believe it or not - she agrees to this. When the boy is born, a choir of heavenly angels sing joyful melodies in the heavens. Shepherds on night duty leave their flocks untended as they hasten to pay their respects. 

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Should Britain remain a Christian nation?

Sunday 4th November, 2012 | Author: Sonya Brown

Should Britain remain a Christian nation? Sonya Brown, a curate in Leicester, recently contributed a slot to a week of 4-Thought monologues on Channel Four. The subject was whether Britain should still be considered a Christian nation.

Sonya Brown has been a trustee of PCN Britain since 2010.  Follow the link to view the video.  Alongside the video there are a number of comments from other listeners.

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